Today in the city Sylvan Springs 25.06.2017
Man Cited For Driving Motorcycle Through Crowd Of Trumpcare Protestors

A man was detained by police Wednesday after allegedly driving his motorcycle through a crowd blocking a San Francisco street in protest of the recently-revealed GOP healthcare bill, also known as Tru...

Colorado Officer Escorting Pence Motorcade Hurt in Crash

A Colorado Springs motorcycle officer has been injured in an accident while escorting Vice President Mike Pence's motorcade to the city's airport.

NHL Draft 2017 Order: Day 2 Selection List, TV Schedule and Day 1 Results

With the league-wide trade freeze lifted, a movement frenzy has commenced amid the welcoming of future stars at the 2017 NHL draft. High-profile names were traded before and during the draft, but many...

CNN Draws Sean Spicer Like One Of Your French Girls

CNN brought in a courtroom sketch artist to illustrate Sean Spicer’s camera-free briefing — the press secretary will let the illustrator’s craftsmanship speak for itself. Joe Biden c...

Ancient Baths Are Pretty, But Their Benefits Are Probably Bogus

Sacred baths, often built over natural hot springs, can be found around the world and boast all sorts of physical and spiritual benefits. But is it worth adding these sites to your travel itinerary? M...

Are Our Rights As Citizens In Danger Of Going The Way Of The Dodo Bird?

As Andrew Sullivan wrote in an excellent oped for New York magazine: “In terms of our liberal democracy and constitutional order, Trump is an extinction-level event.” Let's just hope we are not too la...

The Southwest U.S. heat wave broke dozens of temperature records, giving us a glimpse at our climate future

An unusually wide-reaching and long-lasting heat wave has gripped at least six states for an entire week, breaking or tying dozens of hot weather records. Temperatures were so high that certain aircra...

A Slovenia Dining Guide From the World’s Best Female Chef

Slovenia is home to a versatile food scene that takes a few cues from its neighbors: Italy to the west, Austria up north, and Croatia down south.

OracleVoice: Hope Springs Eternal For ORACLE TEAM USA, Despite 3-0 America's Cup Deficit

Despite the deficit, ORACLE TEAM USA skipper Jimmy Spithill expressed confidence that the team could rebound in the America's Cup race.

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